ENERGY STAR Update - December 14, 2005
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ENERGY STAR Update - December 14, 2005


December 14, 2005

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This is the first issue of a newsletter designed to keep you apprised of important developments in the ENERGY STAR program for manufactured homes. MHRA ENERGY STAR Update will include essential information about the program. It will also include web-links to case studies and new program documents.

Please forward this email to anyone in your organization wishing to keep up-to-date on the ENERGY STAR program. They can subscribe to Update by visiting

ENERGY STAR Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a number of commonly asked questions about participating in the ENERGY STAR program for manufactured homes will be posted on the MHRA web site. Subjects include plant certification, labeling homes, inactive plant status and much more. This is a good first place to look when you have a question. More questions and answers will be added so check back periodically. Visit FAQ at

Coming Soon—ENERGY STAR Marketing Materials

MHRA is working to support your efforts to market ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes by developing tools and resources for retailers. The following ENERGY STAR items are under development and will be available in print and/or electronic form within the next few months:

  • Consumer brochure and video explaining the benefits of ENERGY STAR construction

  • Banners for display at retail centers and on homes in transit

  • Counter cards, labels and other point-of-purchase signage

  • Press releases on ENERGY STAR manufactured homes targeted at consumers

Please forward this information to the person in your organization responsible for marketing ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

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