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Rebates and Incentives for Factory Built ENERGY STAR Homes
  The number and variety of incentives for ENERGY STAR factory built homes is on the rise. Many utilities and state agencies are turning to financial incentives as a way to promote efficient construction. An array of tax credits, sales tax reductions, rate discounts and direct payments are being offered from coast to coast for both HUD-code and modular homes. Most programs provide a direct cash payment to the factory builder, retailer/dealer or homebuyer, often with the purchase of an ENERGY STAR home. Amounts vary, but most incentives are between $500 and $1,500, although with several programs the benefits reach well beyond $2,000, frequently in the form of a tax reduction.

The Systems Building Research Alliance is monitoring programs that might benefit HUD-code and modular producers and builder/dealers and has begun to compile a list of available incentives by state

Several of these programs are administered by SBRA. The rebates are paid directly to the manufacturer, builder/retailer or community owner for each new ENERGY STAR home they sell to customers of the utility. More information about the current rebate programs is below.

For questions, contact Gwynne Koch, SBRA ENERGY STAR Program Manager, at or (212) 496-0900 x120.

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