Supplemental ENERGY STAR Design Package
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Alternative Compliance Path for Certifying ENERGY STAR Homes
Supplemental Design Package for Electrically Heated Homes with Heat Pumps


Technical Requirements
Steps to Compliance for Manufacturers
Program Updates


This page provides information on the newest option for qualifying manufactured homes for the ENERGY STAR label. This option is available only for electrically heated homes completed on or after March 16, 2018.

Note: The U.S. EPA has approved this new path through March 2019 on a pilot basis. The decision to make this path a permanent part of the program will be made prior to January 1, 2019.

Technical Requirements

A. Thermal envelope: (Choose either Prescriptive Path or Performance Path)

Prescriptive Path

  • Ceiling insulation: R-33
  • Wall insulation: R-11
  • Floor insulation: R-22
  • Window U-value: ≤ 0.35
  • Window SHGC: ≤ 0.34


Performance Path

  • Single-section homes: Uo-value ≤ 0.082
  • Multi-section homes: Uo-value ≤ 0.076
  • Window SHGC: ≤ 0.34

B. Mechanical equipment and controls:

  • Equipment type: Heat pump (must be sold with home)
  • Equipment efficiency: ≥ 8.2 HSPF / 14 SEER (cooling)
  • Thermostat: Programmable

C. Marriage line seal: The marriage line areas must be filled with a continuous, non-porous insulating gasket creating a permanent air barrier in the ceiling, walls and floor. Acceptable gaskets can be one- or two-part systems, including proprietary gaskets, foams, insulation wrapped in poly and insulation covered by butyl or other long-life tape on one side. There should be no visible gaps or tears. The marriage line seal shall be installed at the manufacturing facility and be protected against damage during shipping.

D. Crossover ducts (multi-section homes only): The Crossover Duct Installation Requirements must be included in the Manufacturer’s Home Installation Manual.

Steps to Compliance for Manufacturers

Follow these steps to qualify manufactured homes for the ENERGY STAR label. For a printable version of these steps, click here.

Step 1. Design and manufacture ENERGY STAR home

  Design and manufacture the ENERGY STAR home per the Technical Requirements.

Step 2. Choose "National--Electric heat" package in Info Manager


Create a record for the home in Information Manager (IM). Select National--Electric heat from the design package drop-down menu.

Step 3. Collect heat pump information

  Contact the retailer or HVAC installer for the heat pump make and model number (this information may appear in printed form or Excel form, depending on the provider's preference).

Step 4. Add heat pump data to Info Manager

Update the home record in Info Manager with the heat pump brand name and model numbers.

Step 5. Complete and affix labels to home  

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their field representative affixes to the home the ENERGY STAR Certified Home and signed SBRA Quality Assurance labels.

Step 6. Conduct periodic field evaluations to verify performance

For multi-section homes with crossover ducts only: The plant’s ENERGY STAR Certifier must inspect 1 in every 50 homes (2%) sold and installed on a homeowner’s site, or a minimum of one home, each calendar year.




Technical Requirements (Appendix E)

Steps to Compliance for Home Manufacturers

Heat Pump Tracking Sheet (Excel Version)

Heat Pump Tracking Sheet (Printable Version)

Crossover Duct Installation Requirements

Program Updates

"Clarification of Field Evaluation Requirements for ENERGY STAR National Electric Heat package homes (Appendix E)" - memo clarifying field evaluation procedures (December 21, 2018)

"ENERGY STAR Changing for the Better" - availability of new package (March 21, 2018)

"Recording Heat Pump Make and Model Numbers" - discussion of heat pump tracking tools (April 2, 2018)