ENERGY STAR Update - June 29, 2007
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ENERGY STAR Update - June 29, 2007



June 29, 2007

Fourth Edition of ENERGY STAR® Guide
for Home Manufacturers Now Available

MHRA has released the updated 4th edition of ENERGY STAR® Qualified Manufactured Homes: Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Certification Procedures, the guide for home manufacturers. The changes include an increase in minimum efficiency requirements for heat pumps and air conditioners to reflect the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) equipment efficiency requirements that went into effect in last year. See Appendix A for the updated list of Energy Star design packages. Download the guide here.

Building ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homes
Steps for Home Manufacturers

Step 1    Certify the Plant
                Plant certification is done once. Procedures are described in Chapter 2                 of the guide for home manufacturers.

Step 2    Select the Energy Star measures
                More than 100 pre-approved Energy Star design packages may be                 found in Appendix A of the guide for home manufacturers. Plants also                 can develop custom design packages with their Energy Star Certifier.

Step 3    Build, label and record the home
                Enter home data into Information Manager, MHRA's web-based                 production tracking and reporting program

                Apply the Energy Star (blue) and MHRA Quality Assurance (grey)                 labels to the home or provide them to your field representative for                 field application. To order labels, click here.

Step 4    Ship the home with a Site Installation Checklist
                Checklists are printed directly from Information Manager. Identify a                 representative to complete the Checklist on site.

Step 5    Collect the completed and signed Checklist
                Enter the new information into Information Manager and file the                 Checklist.

Step 6    File for the $1,000 federal tax credit
                Provide Energy Star production information to your accounting                 department.

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