About SBRA
About SBRA
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The Systems Building Research Alliance is a non-profit organization with the mission of developing new technologies to enhance the value, quality, and performance of the nation's factory built homes, both manufactured and modular. SBRA's research supports the industry by developing new methods for using factory built homes in a wide array of housing applications, by solving technical challenges, and by paving the way for innovations in home design, construction, and installation. To carry out its mission, SBRA develops, tests, and promotes better methods and materials for designing, manufacturing, and marketing factory built homes. These activities include research, new product development, training and educational programs, testing programs and demonstrations, commercialization efforts, workshops, conferences and other events.
Members of SBRA include home manufacturers, retailers and community owners, suppliers, consumers, associations, financial institutions, insurance companies, power suppliers, and other research organizations involved in the factory built housing industry. Working together, and in partnership with other organizations, members chart the course for SBRA's initiatives and are the catalyst for moving results into practice. Pooling the varied experiences and perspectives of its members, SBRA is able to provide practical, marketable solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing factory built housing. Factory built housing is the fastest growing and most vibrant part of the home building industry. Today, one-third of all single family sales and one-fourth of all new single family housing starts in the nation are factory built homes. Demand for factory built homes continue to grow as more homebuyers and developers recognize that factory built housing offers quality homes at affordable prices. At the same time, industry continues to seek ways to enhance the value of new factory built homes. Fostering technological advances and building innovation, SBRA plays a vital role in this process.

By developing and promoting new technologies and manufacturing methods, SBRA is helping to shape the factory built housing industry. As the industry's research and development arm, SBRA has set its sights on accomplishing the following objectives:
  • Help industry improve construction of its homes and building methods

  • Encourage design flexibility while leveraging the advantages of factory fabrication and standardization

  • Identify potential public and private sector support for research and development

  • Advance industry installation programs

  • Eliminate technical barriers to the use of factory built homes for new markets including multistory, single-family attached, inner city and in-fill, and hybrid housing designs

  • Educate policy makers and the general public about the importance of factory built housing and its related research

  • Conduct research related to technical issues addressed by standards-setting bodies, and encourage performance oriented standards

  • Transfer the results of SBRA's projects to the organizations and people who can benefit from them


Systems Building
Research Alliance

Board of Directors

Manuel Santana
CAVCO Industries, Inc.

John Weldy
Treasurer / Secretary
Clayton Homes, Inc.

F.R. Jayar Daily, Jr.
Immediate Past Chair
American Homestar Corp.

Phillip Copeland
Skyline Champion Corp.

Lesli Gooch, Ph.D.
Manufactured Housing Institute

J. Martin Montgomery
RCS Enterprises, LP

Elizabeth Parsons
Tennessee Valley Authority

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Nader Tomasbi
CAVCO Industries, Inc.

Carl Ulibarri
Style Crest, Inc.

Michael Wade
Clayton Homes, Inc.

Emanuel Levy
Executive Director