Lean in Action Program, June 27, 2007
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Lean in Action Program, June 27, 2007


The plant tour highlighted areas where Clayton had conducted kaizen events. Brent Crabtree, Clayton Lean Advocate, and plant team members explained the improvements made at each of the work stations
Jordan Dentz of MHRA and Dr. Michael Mullins of the University of Central Florida leddiscussions about lean basics and implementation strategies for homebuilding plants.
In the Pipe Factory Simulation, participants are employees of a fictional factory that produces pipe assemblies. The training exercise, developed by R-Anell Housing Group, demonstrates lean manufacturing techniques in an interactive, participatory manner. It is designed to break down longstanding ideas about production and open eyes to new possibilities.
During the mini-kaizen event, participants divided into three groups to apply lean concepts to three areas of the plant. Here, the groups observe production and speak with Clayton team members in the top build, partition wall and cabinet departments.
After observing production, each group debated possible improvements to their focus area using lean techniques and developed a series of recommendations
Finally, each team presented their suggestions to the entire group, including senior Clayton Management.



For more information, please contact Jordan Dentz at 212-496-0900 x13 or jdentz@research-alliance.org.