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TECHNOLOGIES highlights the research of MHRA and examines other research and development activities throughout the industry.



HUD Visits R-Anell Housing: Observes Lean Production in Action • MHRA to Hold Lean Production Symposium

Southern California Edison, Nevada Power Company, and Tennessee Valley Authority to Provide ENERGY STAR Rebates

What's Next for Lean Production?

Green Building Standard Under Development • Updated Guide: ENERGY STAR for HUD-Code Home ManufacturersRebates for ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homes

MHRA Conducts First "Lean in Action" Program • Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual Nears Completion

ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homes Even More Cost-Effective with Energy Efficient Mortgages • More ENERGY STAR Rebates for Retailers and Communities


Improve Customer Satisfaction and Lower Costs - Benchmarks Reveal Lean Production can Lead Change

January/February - Featured Article
Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Costs

ENERGY STAR Marketing Toolkit • Standard Installation Manual Speeds Innovation • Reshaping the Way Homes are Built • Energy Efficient Mortgage

Manufactured Homes Stood up to Hurricane Charley • More Features for Less Money - ENERGY STAR Credits Help Fuel Customer Satisfaction

Improving the Frontline - Lean Advocates get Training • Case Study- Developer Uses ENERGY STAR to Improve Financial Feasibility

Choosing an Air Conditioner - Right Size Saves Money, Prevents Problems

New Building Techniques to Improve Customer Satisfaction • Free Promotional Materials - Stand Out With ENERGY STAR


Technologies Drive Energy Research • Japan Imparts Lessons to US Visitors

Selling More Homes with ENERGY STAR • Arsenic Removal in Community Water Systems • Manufacturers, Get Involved - Help Speed Production and Cut Costs

President Bush Welcomes New "Creative Technology" • ENERGY STAR Gets Right-Sized

Getting Started With Lean • A Lean Machine - Incorporating the Principles of Lean • Get Involved - Map the Future

Retrofit and Upgrade - A Big Market • Tax Credits for Manufactured Homes • ENERGY STAR for Homes Program Management Change

Building Business with ENERGY STAR Homes • Two Energy Victories for Manufactured Homes

The Newsletter of the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance is now published in Modern Homes Magazine.

Volume 3, Number 6
Comprehensive Whole-House Ventilation Strategy • The Route of Research: A Roadmap • Legislative Progress Sets Tone for 2003 • Steel in Paradise • Foundation Guidelines Coming Soon • Zero Energy Manufactured Home

Volume 3, Number 5
Opening New Markets • Research Agenda Breaks New Ground • Walter Retires, Nunn Named Secretary • Software Tool Aids in Wind Design • Flood Plain Installation Assistance • The Road Less Traveled • Clayton Homes Reaches Energy Milestone

Volume 3, Number 4
Adhesives with Staying Power • Foundation Systems for Flood Hazard Areas • Sealing Air Distribution Systems • Online Power • Reaching for the Star • Keeping Cool in the Attic

Volume 3, Number 3
Humid Climates Spur New Research • The Factory of the Future • Unventilated Attic Design • Research-Based Publications • North Carolina ENERGY STAR Certification • Partnership of Knowledge • Installation in Flood Hazard Areas

Volume 3, Number 2
Steel Framing Finds Application in Hawaii • Industry Stands to Gain Energy Tax Credit • Welcome to the new TECHNOLOGIES • PATH Sponsored Research • Single Family Attached Manufactured Homes • Keeping Homes Allergy-Free

Volume 3, Number 1
Manufactured Housing Embraces ENERGY STAR • Setting the Standard for Energy Efficiency • Titan Homes Becomes First ENERGY STAR Qualified Plant • Becoming an ENERGY STAR Manufacturer • MHRA Online

Volume 2, Number 4
Emerging Trends in Foundation Design • Innovation Through Collaborative Research • Air Duct Systems • Moisture Field Testing • Publications

Volume 2, Number 3
Solving Moisture Problems in Manufactured Homes • The Seeds of Change • Emerging Trends in Foundation Design • Sizing Up the Sizing Charts • Publications